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Patch Release v2022.3.1.7

The following table lists the defects that are fixed in this patch release.


Defect ID

Defect Description 



For pivot tables in cards, the search results were not displayed. For example, if you asked, ‘Show me Growth TRx, NRx, TRx Market Share, TRx by Customer, Product’ and in the response, searched for some data in the card, the result was not displayed.




For cards having Period Over Period (POP) data, the sorting of the columns was not displayed correctly.  For example, if you asked ‘ Show me 4x4 , 8x8 and 13x13 by territories’ and then sort the columns, the sorted columns were not displayed correctly.




On pinboards, after you applied the ‘Geography’ filter, it did not get applied to some of the cards. The following message was displayed:


“Error loading the cards:

Couldn't apply the filters. Please try again or contact administrator”.





An inconsistent date format was displayed on the cards. Now, this issue is fixed.




On pinboards, when the data was not available on multiple cards, different messages were displayed for each of these cards.

For example, for some cards, "No data available for current context” was displayed and for some other cards having no data, "No data found for this question" was displayed.




Now on cards:

  • You can sort the data by metric column.
  • For each column, the sorting icon is displayed next to the column name.




We have fixed the issue where Unit of Measure (UOM) was displayed in every cell for a table column. Now, the unit of measure is displayed only in the table header.




The ‘Download Image’ option did not work for some cards. This issue is now fixed.




When you performed the roll up on a response; the ‘No Data available for current context’ message was displayed.

Now, this defect is fixed. When you do either a roll up or a drill down, all the corresponding records are displayed.




Now, in the trend line response, information on the X-axis matches the data points on the trend line (for example, if the X-axis contains dates, then the date shown for the data point matches with the date on the X-axis.)




We have fixed the issue where incorrect dates were displayed in the response for queries having ‘Live To Date’ (LTD) time expression in them.




We have fixed the issue where if you apply a filter on the pinboard, open a card, and download the XLS file of the card; the sequence of records shown in excel were different from the sequence of records shown on the card (The filtered value on the card is at top and in the XLS file filtered value is not shown as the first record)




We have fixed the issue where the complete time period from the card context was not displayed in the downloaded XLS file. (For example: XLS displayed the time period as ‘2022-08-20 - 2022-09-16’  while the card context had the time period as ‘2022-08-20 - 2022-09-16 [current 4 weeks]’.


Patch Release v2022.3.1.5

The following table lists the defects that are fixed in this patch release.


Defect ID

Defect Description 

WZ – 18030


When you import a pinboard, the following error message was displayed:
Failed to update data.  Please try again later’.

Now, this defect is fixed and the pinboard import is completed successfully.


WZ – 18666


When you performed the roll-up or drill-down on a response, only a single record was displayed. For example, if you asked ‘Show me TRx by Regions’ and then do a drill down on the data, instead of displaying all the districts, only one district was displayed. 

Now, this defect is fixed. All the corresponding records are displayed when you do either a roll-up or a drill-down. 


WZ – 18637  


The XLS file was not downloaded for the query ‘Show me trx by region by Product Group by product’. Now, this defect is fixed. 


WZ – 18384


After you performed Drill Down on the NS Sales Performance board, data was not displayed on the card.


WZ – 18460


When you asked a query to WhizAI related to the editable column, instead of displaying the response, the following message was displayed on the explorer: ‘Sorry, WhizAI had some issues replying to your request. Please try again or rephrase it’.Now, this defect is fixed, the response is displayed after you ask the query.


WZ – 18464


On pinboards, for cards that contained Period Over Period (POP) data, when the computation ‘Growth’ was applied from the filters the following error message was displayed: ‘Couldn’t apply filters. Please try again or contact administrator’. Now, this defect is fixed.


WZ – 18648


After you clicked the ‘View Link’ option for all the records on the same card, you were redirected to the same URL. Now, this issue is fixed.


WZ – 18816


The visualization could not be switched for response to some queries.


WZ – 15819

From the Admin console > Content Manager > Utilities page, after you sent a message to any user, the following success message was displayed. Successfully sent message to the users. However, the user did not receive the SMS. Now, this defect is fixed.


WZ – 18631


When you added a metric to the card, the metric entity code was also displayed on the card context. We have fixed this issue. Now the card context displays only the metric.


WZ – 18579


We have fixed an issue where if you try to add an additional dimension on a card; dimension does not get added to the card and 'Unknown HTTP error' was displayed on the user interface.


WZ – 18399


If you share a card (having response for query: NRx by region) with a user who has authorization for 'West' region only, and the user opened this shared card, all the regions were displayed in the response.This issue is fixed. Now when the user opens the shared card, the response displays data for the region for which the user is authorized.


WZ – 18572


For some pinboards, the ‘Follow-on’ feature was not working as expected.

For example, when you click a Region from the card, instead of displaying the data for Districts (next level in the hierarchy); data for some other metric was displayed. Now this defect is fixed and the card shows the data for the districts of that region.



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